7 Things to Look for in a Social Media Influencer

Working with social media influencers is a good way to get your brand noticed by new people. Using influencer marketing software, the campaign can result in increased brand awareness, grow your social media following, and boost things like sign-ups or sales. It speeds up your results instead of waiting for slow, natural growth over time. However, choosing the right influencers is very important. Selecting someone just based on how many followers they have won’t ensure you meet your goals. The influencer marketing industry was worth $13.8 billion in 2021 and is still growing fast. For companies wanting to work with influencers, it is very important to carefully think about these seven factors when choosing an influencer to partner with.

Relevant Audience

Many influencers focus on specific topics like fashion, travel, or fitness. Choose an influencer whose topic matches your business or has an audience that overlaps with your target customers. This way you are marketing to people already interested in what you offer, making for a stronger campaign. For example, if you sell fitness products, partner with a fitness influencer. You can find the creators from a good content creator marketplace that can help you get an influencer that has a relevant audience for your brand.

Shared Values

Be careful who you partner with as influencers or the creators you choose as they represent your brand. Avoid influencers who have said or done controversial things that disagree with your brand’s values. Review their past posts and public image. You don’t want an influencer whose actions could negatively impact your brand.

Good Reach

Look at follower count but also engagement and impressions to gauge exposure. Don’t ignore smaller or micro-influencers – though they have fewer followers, their audience may like your products/services. A massive following isn’t everything if the audience isn’t engaged.

Engaged Audience

Having tons of followers doesn’t matter if the audience ignores the posts. Look for influencers getting lots of genuine comments/interactions, and who respond to followers. An engaged audience is more likely to act on recommendations. This can help your brand look good in the eyes of the audience.

Balanced Feed

Avoid influencers whose entire feed is paid promotions. Their audience may not take your partnership seriously. The best influencers mix sponsored content with regular as well as non-paid posts about their interests. Too many paid posts seem inauthentic and might negatively represent your brand image.

Quality Work

Pick influencers known for high-quality photos, videos, and good writing. Their expertise increases the chances of an impactful campaign. Poor quality content reflects badly on your brand.


Choose dependable influencers who communicate well, post on time, and meet obligations. You don’t want to constantly chase them. An unreliable influencer can derail your campaign.


By considering these seven factors, you can find and partner with great influencers for successful marketing campaigns that truly reach people. Relevant influencer marketing software also makes it easy to search for and evaluate influencers matching your criteria. With the right influencers, you can create engaging campaigns that resonate and drive results.

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