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Wellness Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs 

Do you know that you could achieve your fitness goal as an entrepreneur with your mobile phone? It doesn’t matter how busy you are or how tight your schedule might be with your mobile device, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle from Groundsurf.

One of the major challenges of Entrepreneurs is finding a balance between businesses and their wellness. A lot of Entrepreneurs get so busy that they pay little to no attention to their health. 

However, this is a problem that can easily be resolved with mobile devices. There are now numerous apps that can help busy entrepreneurs achieve their fitness and wellness goals. The truth is, entrepreneurs should not let their health suffer because of their tight and busy schedules at work. With these wellness apps, entrepreneurs and business owners can easily set a time that fits into their schedule. 

This  article will cover some of the wellness apps for busy entrepreneurs that will help them live a healthy lifestyle while managing their businesses. 

Wellness Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

1. Todoist 

Are you an entrepreneur who struggles with keeping up with tasks? Do you have challenges in managing your daily tasks and staying organized? The Todoist app is what you have been waiting for. With this app, you can manage your daily tasks efficiently and effectively. 

This is because this app allows you to organize your daily tasks and events. All you have to do is set reminders, and with this, you’ll be able to achieve your daily goals. One unique feature about Todoist is that it has a task delegation feature that allows you to collaborate with other people. 

How is this app beneficial to your health? With this wellness app, you’ll be able to have a stress free life and stay organized at the same time. This will improve your productivity and well-being ensuring that you have a healthy work life balance. 

2. Calm 

You need calm to live a less stressful life as a busy entrepreneur. What’s calm? Calm is one of the wellness apps for busy entrepreneurs. The app is precisely a meditation app. It can be downloaded from the app store, whether on an Android or iOS device. 

Meditating with the calm app after a long and stressful day at work can help you stay relieved and relax better. 

Whether you’re at the workplace or on a business trip, this meditation app is one of the ways to improve your overall well-being. One unique feature of this app is that a unique programme designed to help you stay relaxed is uploaded to the app daily. 

3. Strava 

One of the major challenges of entrepreneurs and business owners is staying fit. Staying fit and engaging in regular exercise is crucial for our physical and mental well-being. Strava is one of the wellness apps for busy entrepreneurs who know the importance of staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle. 

4. Sleep cycle

A lot of entrepreneurs don’t get enough sleep and this can have a huge effect on their health. When the human body is consistently denied sleep, it can cause serious health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, etc. Aside from this, lack of sleep can also cause a reduction in productivity. This means sleep is one of the things we need to function effectively. 

The Sleep Cycle app is one of the wellness apps for entrepreneurs that ensures that they get enough sleep. This sleep-tracking app has motion detection, which tracks your sleep pattern and keeps you awake during your lightest sleep period. With this, you feel refreshed, active and ready to smash your goals for the day. This mobile app is all you need to live a healthy lifestyle. 

5. Kaia 

Do you spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk? Well, this is a common experience of most entrepreneurs. Spending a long time behind a desk results in back pain. Most entrepreneurs retire to their bed after a long day at work, feeling back pain. If this sounds like something you experience often, then you’ll need the Kaia app. This app has hundreds of short exercises that you can engage in to relieve and manage your back pain. This app is one of the wellness apps for entrepreneurs that can help them live a healthier and more comfortable life. 

6. Time shifter

Are you a business owner who embarks on a business trip regularly? The Time Shifter app is one of the apps that will make life much easier for you.

With this amazing app, the jet lag symptoms that you may experience during your frequent trips are minimized. This makes sure that you get to your destination feeling refreshed. Download this app on your mobile device before embarking on your next business trip. 


Technology has played a major role in ensuring that business owners and entrepreneurs live a healthy lifestyle. With the invention of wellness apps, busy entrepreneurs can now find a balance between their work life, health, and general lifestyle

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